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Mesh emerged in 1991 when Mark Hockings, the band's lead singer, crossed paths with keyboardist Richard Silverthorn at a concert. Their meeting sparked the formation of a musical partnership that defines the band's enduring legacy. Soon after, Neil Taylor, Richard's former bandmate, joined on keyboards, solidifying the trio's musical journey.
The band's creative synergy emerged from a division of roles: Richard Silverthorn composed the music, while Mark Hockings penned evocative and profound lyrics, infusing depth and emotion into their soundscapes.
Their musical journey commenced with Memento Materia, resulting in the release of the EP "Fragile" in 1994 and the full-length album "In This Place Forever" in 1996. Subsequent years saw the band's growth with releases like "The Point At Which It Falls Apart" and collaborations with producers such as Mark Oh, showcasing Mesh's diverse musical inclinations.
In 2002, Sony Records propelled Mesh further into the limelight with the release of "Who Watches Over Me." This marked a turning point, ushering in a surge of popularity across Europe, particularly in Germany. Their collaboration with former Depeche Mode producer Gareth Jones for "We Collide" solidified their status in the electronic music realm.
Adapting to lineup changes, Mesh continued their musical journey as a duo, augmenting live performances with drummer Sean Suleman (2007-present) and additional live keyboardists. The band strengthened their global presence, signing with Dependent Records in Europe and securing representation from Metropolis Records in the US and South America.
Notable achievements include "Automation Baby" in 2013, their most successful album, climbing to number 33 on the German charts and dominating the European Alternative Charts. "Looking Skyward" (2016) propelled them to even greater heights, securing a number 12 position on the German charts.
Demonstrating artistic versatility, Mesh collaborated with a classical orchestra at the 'Gothic meets Klassik' festival in 2015. The recorded performance, expanded with additional studio tracks, showcased their ability to transcend musical boundaries and captivate audiences globally.
Mesh continues their musical evolution, welcoming Vaughn George to their live lineup in April 2023. This addition promises new dimensions to their performances, reaffirming their commitment to pushing sonic boundaries and captivating audiences worldwide.
Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn are currently in the process of writing their next studio album.


Mark Hockings' voice has become synonymous with Mesh's unique blend of synthpop and EBM. His distinctive vocals and songwriting blend melancholic beauty and raw power.
The enigmatic frontman of Mesh is the lyrical architect behind their evocative soundscapes. Mark’s creative energy and passion, just like Richard Silverthorn’s, is deeply rooted in the studio, in the electronics. Their distinctive sound is produced through collaboration, a partnership that converts machines into precision craft tools and yields unforgettable sonic experiences. 

More than just a vocalist, Mark is the mastermind behind Mesh's poignant lyrics. His words delve into the depths of human emotions, exploring themes of love, loss, longing, and existential questioning. The songs resonate with fans across generations, whether they are new to the Mesh world, or have been following the musical journey since 1991. 

When not channelling his energy into Mesh, Mark works as an Enterprise Systems Storage and Data Protection Architect. He loves road cycling, snowboarding and riding his OneWheel. He has a recording studio called ‘The Summerhouse’, where he also works on his solo project “Blackcarburning”.

Mark Hockings

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Richard Silverthorn is the sonic visionary, keyboardist and guitarist of Mesh. Playing a pivotal role in its formation in 1991, he remains the driving force behind their compositions. His synthesis of pulsating synths, edgy textures, and intricate melodies spans the spectrum from synth-pop to dark, emotional electro, providing the perfect sonic backdrop for Mark’s emotive vocals and laying the foundation of Mesh's distinctive sound. Rich infuses every Mesh sound with an edgy dimension from his production studio, which serves as the birthplace of many of their defining tracks and remaining central to the ongoing creative process of Mesh.

Rich’s talent for soundcraft shines not only in Mesh’s original tracks, but also in their remixes, all bearing the unmistakable Mesh character. 

Outside the realm of Mesh, Richard is a self-employed qualified electrical engineer specialising in electrical installations and data communication networks. His passion lies in exploring the latest technology  in electronic music, in his younger years he used to race Motocross and still rides to this day. He also loves riding Downhill mountain bike trails. 

Richard Silverthorn

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