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Something Wrong

In This Place Forever

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Do you think I'd say anything
Do you think I'd just come out and say what I feel
We've had some sticky moments
We've talked ourselves out now and everything's real

And each passing day
Is one day to much
You take it out twice on the people you touch
And each passing hour
Is time with no end
Is this the something we're unable to mend

Do you think I could sit here
And talk about the things that go on in my head
I've sorted things out now
Faced up to it over and over again

And why should I explain
If no-one else complains
Neurotic and boring
Reliable you
And how can I just run
When nothing can be done
I don't know myself now but I can hear

There's something wrong In something you said
It's just a feeling this is not what I wanted
There's something cold In the way you touch me
It's just a feeling that you're better without me

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