Wanted: your mesh photos

Together with our friend and professional photographer Guido Braun, we have been hard at work over the last few months on a Mesh photo book. This photobook will contain pictures of the Mesh’s entire career. But we are still missing a very important chapter: the photos by you; our fans, our friends, our DNA.

Mesh wouldn’t be Mesh without our fans, so it seemed logical to add a chapter contributed by fans. We are specifically looking for pictures of the band members on stage or off stage. Please send them to photos@mesh.co.uk. They don’t have to be high quality – pictures taken by old digital low resolution cameras or smartphones will do. Please don’t put any watermarks on them as we want to put all pics in some sort of gallery. Watermarks might be disturbing.

This book will be sold at the merchandising booth during the second part of Touring Skyward.  


The legal stuff:

  • All pictures need to be sent digitally to photos@mesh.co.uk before 10th of March 2017.
  • Co-author Guido Braun will select the pictures that will be used in the book. Unfortunately we can’t make any guarantees that your pictures will make the final cut.
  • By sending us the pictures, you give us permission to use them in the upcoming Mesh photobook including for commercial use.
  • We can’t provide any form of payment or compensation for the use of the picture(s).



  • If my photo is used, do I get a discount to buy the book?

Sorry, but we can’t provide in any form of payment

  • I’m a professional photographer and I would like to contribute to the book?

That’s really kind of you, but the major part of the book is ready. The only part missing is photos by fans. So as a fan you can send your pictures but we are not specifically looking for professional pictures for this chapter. Please note that we don’t have the space to credit your contribution.