This is Mark from mesh.

Just wanted to share some updates on various exciting subjects!

Firstly, I have created a new Website http://www.blackcarburning.com (Facebook page Blackcarburning and Instagram @blackcarburning). YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGjDazp_sHevgNqSobe5M4A/

This is not really a ‘side project’ but rather I will be using it to share my studio work, mesh album progress, collaborations, remixes and some more experimental material that possibly wouldn’t fit well with a mesh release.

It’s an exciting project for me and I hope will be a vehicle for some interesting music that will compliment my work with mesh.

Initially I have started with what myself and Rich term as ‘particles’ – small pieces of music that we often sprinkle around our albums that are not songs and not really long enough to be instrumentals. We write a lot of these and it occurred to me that these kind of pieces would make interesting ringtones. I have therefore set up a shop on the site and created a number of bundles (several ringtones and same number of message tones) and some packs (single ring tone and single message alert). These are bespoke and written specifically for this project. I am currently working with Rich on some more and I hope these will be available soon when I get the chance to package them. They are good value, high quality (you could play them on your system if you wanted), written specifically for the purpose, will make you popular with your friends and your children will think you are cool again. Some of them are also very loud. These are just facts. 😆 Regardless, it’s a bit of fun and I hope you enjoy.

This is a start and I am excited by the possibilities, of which there are many. The site has a blog which will contain the most up to date info on my studio work (mesh and blackcarburning and whatever else I’m doing) and will also document upcoming collaborations and remixes. Essentially it will be of interest to those wanting to know a little more about album progress and to be involved more in the process from my side. I like to use video as some of you will know, so there will be no shortage of geek play if that’s what you’re into. Any suggestions below will be taken on board – I never know how to pitch these things. I can do longer or live video’s if anyone is interested.

I am currently working on a full length track (a vocal collaboration) and possibly a ‘B’ side and these will be released through www.blackcarburning.com – hopefully by the end of March 2020.

Mesh album news: The writing is going very well, if not a little slow. We have needed a break if I’m honest as I explained at Christmas, but I’m happy with the progress so far. A rest and a change of studio scenery has done us good. Something coherent is starting to form.

DVD: Yes. I know. I know….The video is done and we have been waiting on some audio work. I believe this work is complete so I’m hoping we’ll have some news very soon, fingers crossed.

Pilton Stage Final: We have just been informed that the final of the Pilton stage competition will be postponed to a later date. We understand that many of you had already made travel plans and that this is very inconvenient. However, under the current circumstances, we think this is the best decision. We are facing a major health crisis and we all have to do our part to get this under control. We have to think of our loved ones that we might endanger. So we are 100% behind this decision. Keep safe and stay strong.

Again, thanks for the support and talk soon. Mark