Touring Skyward – Part II with some very special guests

Part II of Touring Skyward is about to kick off in a week. We would like to introduce to you our special guests on this tour. 

Our good friend Roi Robertson and his band MECHANICAL CABARET will support us in Manchester. They describe themselves as “Electropunkexperimentalsynthpopdisconoise”. Check out the remix they made for “Only Better” as appeared on an Alternative solution.

After a succesfull part I, EMPATHY TEST will join the fun also this time.  They will get on the tour bus in Cologne for the rest of the tour. Not only will MESH release the new single “Runway” on April 21st, also EMPATHY TEST will release their new single “Bare my soul” the same day.

Newcomer ADAM IS A GIRL will join us during the first 6 shows in Germany and Austria. This electropop duo impressed us with their show at the “Synth-pop goes Berlin” festival last February. 

The last 3 shows on German soil will be supported by LOEWENHERTZ. This duo will make you dance with their electropop tracks in German and English.

Needless to say we are very excited to start this second part of our tour. Part I was amazing. We can only hope part II will be half as good.
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