Exciting times

Yesterday, we kicked off Part II of Touring Skyward in Manchester. And have to tell, Manchester you raised the roof! Amazing! At our Facebook page you’ll find some Facebook live videos.

Now we are on our way to Germany for 10 days of touring. Starting tonight in Cologne. It will be the first day of ‘shooting’ for our upcoming new live DVD/Blu-Ray. Later this tour, the show in Hamburg will be recorded also. In all venues we are planning to film backstage footage.

Today is also release day of our 2nd Looking Skyward single “Runway”. It entered the German Alternative charts at number 5! Order your copy at Popnaut  or at Dependent. Of course you can also buy it at one of the upcoming shows.

And there is more to get at the merch booth. Besides 3 new shirts, we will also have our photobook available. The mesh photobook, titled ‘Looking Backward’ contains pictures of over 20 years of mesh. 250 copies were printed for this tour. After the tour we will evaluate if we need to ‘run another batch’ for sales on the mesh store. Speaking of which… we are working on a new mesh store. So maybe we should be thinking about out a closeout…

Hope to see you soon!