Get Involved!

Involved, it’s not just the title of a mesh song or Mark’s signature. We are very lucky and grateful to have such an amazing involved fanbase. The annual “Wear a mesh shirt – Day”, the liking and sharing on social media, the trips a lot of you make to attend a show,… it proves we do have the best fans in the world, our friends like these.

The upcoming tour is one for you. For 25 years of support, for 25 years of involvement. We want want this tour to be for and by fans. Facebook polls tell us which songs you would like to hear. And we hope to be able to play as much as possible form your shortlist. From greatest hits to rarities. 

But there is more. We want  to give you the chance to earn free tickets for one of the Involved shows. The promotors agreed to give away 2 free original hard-tickets to fans helping out to promote the tour.  You live in the area of one of the tour cities (up to 40 km)? And you want to spend a few hours promoting the local show? Join the mesh street team! Our promotor will send you a package of flyers to distribute . Send us a picture of your involvement in the mesh street team and we will send you the tickets and a tour poster for your bedroom wall.